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Isaias Gamboa 
Founder and President




Isaias Gamboa's dedication to serving the poor and needy is based largely on his faith-based background and beliefs. Born in San José, Costa Rica to parents of Spanish and African ancestry, Isaias was born of maternal Jewish lineage but raised in Christian Baptist and Catholic traditions, being the respective religious backgrounds of his parents. He describes himself as a follower of Jesus Christ and student of the Holy Bible and believes that love, kindness and compassion for the poor and needy are the only true measures of divine faith, service and discipleship. 

Throughout his childhood, Isaias traveled to many countries with his family, where he witnessed his parents demonstrating their faith in God through acts of love, kindness and compassion to those in need. Since then he has traveled to nine Latin American countries in expression of his own devotion to the poor, needy, abused, disenfranchised and marginalized. In war-ravaged regions, he has even had automatic weapons held to his head in pursuit of these goals. -An experience he describes as "life-affirming".

In 2010, while in Brazil to donate toys and clothing to the poor, he formed a strong relationship with three orphanages, which would form the basis for the founding of the, We Shall Overcome Foundation. 

In addition to his charitable pursuits, Isaias has been blessed with a 30-year career as a recording artist, award winning music-producer, music-publisher, songwriter, recording engineer, musician and arranger. He has served as a voting member of the Grammy® organization and written more than 200 songs with Grammy® decorated, RIAA® platinum and gold awards to his credit. His production, songwriting and arrangement credits include artists such as, The Temptations, Janet Jackson, Tupac, Gladys Knight, Bamboleo and more. He is also a 37-year member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). 

In 2012 Isaias authored the book, "We Shall Overcome: Sacred Song on the Devil's Tongue" and also produced an accompanying self-narrated, dramatized audio-book. This book is a comprehensive guide on the history of the globally revered protest anthem, "We Shall Overcome" and the biography of, Louise Shropshire--the song's previously unrecognized "original author". The book is a fact-based compendium which describes the shocking true history of, "We Shall Overcome" and explores the historical attitudes of Black-exploitation, subjugation and racism in America by non culture-bearers. In 2012 the US Library of Congress created a new category for this book, "We Shall Overcome--History and Criticism" and as of 2017, Isaias Gamboa's book remains the only item in this category. 

Isaias's accomplishments include a 20-year career as a licensed California real estate broker. He is also a licensed Christian minister, a licensed high school carpentry instructor and licensed competitive youth soccer coach. He continues to devote quality time to humanitarian efforts in the US and Brazil.

Isaias Gamboa with Lay Sisters of Brazilian Orphanage in Bahia, Brazil

                Isaias Gamboa with Congressman John Conyers

Isaias Gamboa with We Shall Overcome Foundation volunteers in Salvador Bahia, Brazil

 Isaias Gamboa with Civil Rights Hall of Fame icon, Rev. Otis Moss Jr. 

Isaias Gamboa with Bishop Bobby Hilton (President of National Action Network, Greater Cincinnati Chapter )

Isaias Gamboa with legendary Olympian, Harrison Dillard 

Isaias Gamboa in Salvador Bahia, Brazil

Isaias Gamboa with Brother and Sisterhood of Minority Tradesmen