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Saving Brazilian Orphans and Street Children

There are now seven million abandoned children living on the streets of Brazilian cities. Crimes against these children are characterized by extreme brutality and include torture and dismemberment. Often their bodies are left out on the streets “to serve as example for others.”

Those who manage to survive another day are left to worry about where their next meal will come from and finding a safe place to sleep. Some social workers suggest that these children are subject to a process of “natural selection,” in which only the strong survive to adulthood and the weak die early from disease and violence.

Street children, utterly deprived of their most basic needs, often become victims of death squads or other forms of violence born of their precarious situation. Since they often resort to theft to survive.

These children tell stories of how they came to live on the streets. Some had been sent away when their families’ food supplies ran out. Others had fled homes where they were physically or sexually abused. Each one has his or her own unique, heart-wrenching story.

Most of these street children have only a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and are penniless and malnourished. Nearly all are barefoot. Most do not know their own ages, but many are as young as 8. Violence and hunger are an everyday part of their lives.

The We Shall Overcome Foundation
is presently working in Brazil to love, feed, shelter, clothe, heal and Educate Brazil’s abandoned street children. In addition to providing basic human needs for these highly vulnerable children, our goal is to provide an English-Language educational curriculum designed to prepare and provide these children to continue their education in high quality U.S. High Schools and Universities.

Below are some pictures and videos taken by our volunteers. If you would like to join or help us, are interested in organizing High-School or University Mission Trips to Brazil, or simply want to know more, please contact::

Alexandria C. Gamboa
Director of Missions and University Liaison


Daniel I. Gamboa
Director of High School Mission Development

9903 Santa Monica Bl. # 259
Beverly Hills , CA , 90212

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