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"If My Jesus Wills / We Shall Overcome" 

Honoring Louise Shropshire

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's "Classical Roots" featuring, Emmy winning soprano, Adrienne Dandrich and Pastor Marvin Winans, along with an extraordinary mass choir celebrate Louise Shropshire--the original author of We Shall Overcome. Shropshire's Gospel hymn, "If My Jesus Wills", originally composed sometime between 1932 and 1942 was adapted to become, We Shall Overcome. 

We Shall Overcome...popularized by Pete Seeger, Joan Baez and many others, for more than half a century, most of the world has believed that the author of, We Shall Overcome was "unknown". Thanks to the age of information, recent scholarship has proven that the true original author of, We Shall Overcome-- the iconic anthem of the African American Civil Rights Movement was in fact, Rev. Mother Louise Shropshire and that, We Shall Overcome was adapted from Shropshire's Gospel Hymn,  "If My Jesus Wills". 


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