Free Sheet Music

FREE Sheet Music to “We Shall Overcome”

“We Shall Overcome” is now a public domain song. The sheet music arrangement below is free of cost to everyone and may be downloaded, recorded, performed and or modified freely.

“Born of the African American Church from the blood sweat and tears of a suffering and oppressed people, on January 26, 2018, “We Shall Overcome” was liberated from 58 years of illegal bondage and exploitation. It’s spiritual strength has now been unshackled so that its full power may be used to strengthen those fearless warriors all over the world who fight for justice, equality and freedom against the forces of evil.”


Lee Daniels, Pam Williams, Simone Sheffield, Isaias Gamboa, Robert Goins Shrophire, Valerie Hoffman, Rich Daniels, City Music Group, Thomas Matta, We Shall Overcome Foundation and Butler Films, LLC


“VENCEREMOS”” (“We Shall Overcome” Spanish version)

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