We Shall Overcome Foundation

The primary objective of,  We Shall Overcome Foundation  is to answer prayers and make manifest Gods love by providing food, water, clothing, hygiene products and instruction, medical care, education and the word of GOD, in the name of GOD to the poor, needy and marginalized people of the world.


A seven-member Board of Directors governs the activities of the foundation and provides leadership for the organization's fundraising efforts. The board membership consists of professionals in the fields of Education, Nursing, Nutrition, Sociology, Psychology, Theology, Finance, Law and Construction. All board members volunteer their time and serve without compensation.


Presently, we are highly engaged in hands-on humanitarian activities in Brazil (See "Arms of God ~ Brazil"). Among other things, the foundation provides food, clothing, medicinal items, health services, and construction services to needy children, orphanages and child care facilities in the North-East state of  Bahia, Brazil.

Here in the U.S., our Brother and Sisterhood of Minority Tradesmen is actively working to educate and provide legislative relief and support services to minority men and women in their struggle to achieve success and equality of education and employment.   (See "U.S. African American Restoration Act").


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