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Presidential Pardons - Racially Biased

Journalist Dafna Linzer reveals in her fascinating new study, that people who are white and well-connected are 400% more likely to receive presidential pardons from the US Department of Justice/ Office of the Pardon Attorney than minorities-proving there is still much more racism in America than meets the eye. According to previous unreleased government data, Blacks have had the poorest chance of receiving the president's ultimate act of mercy,

Denied: An unemployed African American man from the District who sought a pardon to improve his financial stability and better care for his son. He was recommended for denial because he lacked financial stability. The applicant was 19 at the time of his only conviction, for selling 15 grams of crack cocaine. The pardon office noted that he had a post-incarceration bankruptcy and that his son was born “out of wedlock.” Children born outside marriage to another black applicant were described as “illegitimate.”

Pardoned: Seven white applicants with children from what the pardon office described as “previous” or “non-marital relationships.” At least three white applicants with bankruptcies, including one person who filed twice.

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