We Shall Overcome                       Foundation

Isaias Gamboa is the founder and president of, We Shall Overcome Foundation. He is an educator, author, documentary filmmaker, historian, music producer, real estate broker, certified carpenter, and general contractor.
Juliana Montanha, B.A.
Juliana is from Salvador, Bahia Brazil.
e is a Journalist  for the Department
of Urban Development of Bahia.
She is a
graduate of
Universidade Federal da Bahia
Manuela Piniero
Manuela is a psychologist from Salvador
Bahia, Brazil, where she also lives. She is
a graduate of UNIFACS

Janaina Gamboa, BSRN
Janaina is a Pediatric Nurse from
Salvador Bahia, Brazil. She is a graduate
of Faculdade de Tecnologia e Ciências
and currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Alexandria Gamboa Grand, MBA
Alexandria, earned an MBA from Portland State University with a Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is co-founder of Way of Being, a low-waste and sustainable materials shop. She is a native of Pasadena, California and currently resides in
Portland, Oregon. 
Dr. Washington Pelligrini
Dr. Washington Pelligrini is a dentist  and oral surgeon. He is a native
of Salvador Bahia, Brazil, where he lives and works.
He is a graduate of Faculdade Baiana de Medicina.