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Why would Donald J TRUMP collude with Vladimir Putin and Russia to BETRAY AMERICA?
Here's my theory:
In 2014 Russia's state controlled petroleum company, ROSNEFT (bigger than Exxon) and America's EXXON were set to make the biggest oil deal in history - a $500 BILLION venture to extract Russia's massive untapped Arctic and Black Sea oil reserves. This petroleum was supposed to make Russia a major world power. Unfortunately for Putin, however, Obama killed the deal with sanctions after Russia annexed Crimea.
After being elected president (with Putin's considerable help), Trump selected the CEO of Exxon - Rex Tillerson as his secretary of State. -A man he had never met prior to becoming president. -A man with so close a relationship with Russia and Putin that he was given the highest honor Russia can bestow upon non-Russian citizens.
Donald Trump has borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars in (illegally laundered) cash from Russian banks which he cannot repay. He feels he must now do Putin's bidding by lifting Russian sanctions, discrediting NATO and Supporting North Korea in return for Putin not exposing his high crimes, salacious activities and and those of his daughter, and son-in law . These are empirical facts.
If my theory is true, Trump has made the worst deal of his life and unless he chooses to flee to Russia, will be brought to justice in the United States of America. -IG

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