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“FREE ‘WE SHALL OVERCOME'” is a brief fundraising video created to raise the necessary funds to complete the powerful documentary feature film, "GRAND THEFT GOSPEL: WE SHALL OVERCOME".


This feature length film follows writer/director Isaias Gamboa's extraordinary six-year journey of discovery into the shocking, untold story of the global anthem, "We Shall Overcome". The documentary - currently in post-production - powerfully contradicts pre-existing folklore with newly mined evidence, documentation and testimony, researched and gathered 

by Gamboa. Footage includes more than 25 interviews and witnesses to the shocking truth about the iconic freedom song. The film demonstrates extraordinary evidence that "We Shall Overcome" was unlawfully misappropriated from the African American Church, and belongs in the 

public domain. 


As its primary objective, the film seeks to liberate the freedom song from its illegitimate corporate kidnappers. The research graphically demonstrated in this film is contained in Gamboa's 2012 book, "We Shall Overcome: Sacred Song On The Devil's Tongue"

"We Shall Overcome" (WSO) is far more the anthem of the African American Civil Rights Movement, it is an American cultural icon.  And considering the "Star Spangled Banner" was composed by, Francis Scott Key--a slave holder who referred to Blacks as, "A DISTINCT AND INFERIOR RACE OF PEOPLE...", perhaps WSO may one day become America's National Anthem.