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HERECY committed by John Legend and Common??

The headlines read; "Glory Wins Best Original Song at Oscars 2015" (Rolling Stone Magazine) 

"Glory" being the deeply moving theme song to the 2014 critically acclaimed film, "Selma" The lyrics to this song: "ONE DAY, WHEN THE GLORY COMES, IT WILL BE OURS, IT WILL BE OURS"

What was wrong with these lyrics? There was no God, without whom there can be no 'glory'.

Having worked in the music business for over 30 years, I suspect that these men believed that in adding God's name to their song, they would not have been standing there in their tuxedos with Oscars in their hands. I suspect that deep in their hearts, they believed that the world would not have exalted them and this song. I suspect it would likely not have won these prestigious awards, or perhaps been selected for use in the film at all. Their suspicions were probably right, but did they make the right decision by denying the name of our creator?

Having prayed to and been delivered from bondage by God, the Hebrews of Egypt made the mistake of losing faith in God's power over their own. As a result, they wandered the desert for 40 years until all of the unfaithful had perished. 

Ironically, in their quest for these coveted Golden idols, John Legend and Common composed a song that clearly conveys a heretic message contrary to the sacred teachings of the bible...and were glorified by the world for doing so.

These lyrics should have read: "One Day, When The Glory Comes, IT WILL BE GOD'S BE GOD'S, IT WILL BE GOD'S". Christian, Jew or Muslim, what other lyric could there be? 

-Yes. It was a beautiful moment , which we as African American people, have so few of. Yes, we were all so very proud of them. However, it is in these very powerful and public moments that our worldly pride is most dangerous to our futures. It is in these moments that we must humble ourselves.

Imagine if, while performing the song live during the Oscars broadcast, John Legend and Common had substituted, 'It Will Be Ours' for "It Will Be God's"? Just imagine the humility and transformative spiritual power of that globally witnessed moment.

I believe the answer to the question; 'what is wrong with John Legend and Common's lyrics', is the answer to why WE HAVE NOT OVERCOME. Such power is in God's hands only and must be recognized to be accessed. Such power does not perish like gold. Fifty years after Bloody Sunday, we are still pounding the pulpit, podium and pavement in pursuit of legislation that will ensure freedom, justice and equality. Perhaps we need to be reminded that, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. always spoke of doing God's will" and that the Edmund Pettus Bridge is not the Yellow Brick Road. It does not lead to the Promised Land.  Without God, there will be no Promised Land - No, 'One Day' or, 'Someday".

"You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."

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