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Pete Seeger's Communist Confession

The dispicable Boston Marathon tragedy underscores the fact that we are at a turbulent time in American history. A time when patriotism is valued above all. Although We Shall Overcome is, in its own way, as American as the Star Spangled Banner, those who misappropriated the song, were not.

In an interview with the grandson of Louise Shropshire, the true author of We Shall Ovrcome, in addition to his admissions regarding the misappropriation of We Shall Overcome, Pete Seeger admits to having joined the Communist party in 1945, the same year Nazi Germany fell. In actuality, Seeger joined the Young Communist's league in 1936, while only 17 years old. He officially joined The Communist Party in 1942, during a time when Jews were being burned to death by Hitler's Nazis and one year after the Pearl Harbor bombing. What kind of man is Seeger, really?

I realize we don't blacklist people in this country for choosing to be communists, that would be unamerican, but perhaps we should not celebrate them either. No doubt it will be easier for Americans to understand how Seeger might have lied for 53 years about We Shall Overcome, knowing how Pete Seeger proudly waved his Communist banner, while Hitler burned babies, and the Battleships, USS Arizona, USS Tennessee, USS Nevada, USS California, USS Oklahoma, USS Maryland, USS West Virginia andUSS Pennsylvania, sank to the bottom of the ocean. I'm just saying...



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