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Pres. Obama Wins Big in Last Night's Debate

As difficult as it has been to watch Governor Mitt Romney during these presidential debates, Pres. Obama made it all worthwhile last night, landing blow after blow to Romney's plutocratic chin. Lybia, foreign policy, women's reproductive rights, and the economy were major points of discussion and in the end, President Obama threw the knockout blow; confronting Romney's idiotic comment behind closed doors that he didn't care about the 47% of Americans, who do not support his agenda.

"Binders Full of Women"really Mr. Romney??? Popular female news anchors, Alex Witt, Tamron Hall, Erin Burnett, Rachel Maddow, Soledad Obrien, Melissa Harris Perry, Krystal Ball and S.E Cupp can't help but agree; Romney does not care about women and Pres. Obama does! BRAVO Mr. President! FOUR MORE YEARS!


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