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A-1: Did President Donald J. Trump delay rolling out Coronavirus Covid-19 tests so that he, or his surrogates (Jared Kushner?) could negotiate secret kickbacks from private Covid-19 test manufacturers and contractors?

A-2: Is President Donald J. Trump preparing to betray congressional Republicans and his rabid base by backing out of the 2020 presidential elections at the last minute? Can he take losing by a landslide to Biden, or if he should win, does he really want to be stuck for 4-more years with a Democratic House and Senate?

A-3: Will President Trump claim he's lost billions of dollars in business revenue, as a way of justifying his not running for reelection in November 2020?

A-4: Are Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and other Donald J. Trump loyalists, practicing insider trading with information provided by Trump or his surrogates?

A-5: Did President Trump, his family or his loyalists buy stock in any of the companies providing Covid-19 tests?


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